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80 years old, Author, Editor, Publisher (C & W Publishers), Internet bookstore (www.booksaready), happily married, two sons living, 5 grandchildren, one great ganddaughter, friends in many parts of the world, and in most states of USA. Pro God; Pro Bible; Pro family; Pro Kingdom of God. I have faith, but not the bragging kind. I daily pray for more faith.
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2 Responses to THE CALLING OF GOD

  1. Melvin Elliott is well past the 80 year mark, so we expect seasoned writing from him. This guest post is up to expectations,and beyond. We hear form many who object to using the phrase “The Called Out” in reference to Christians, that the conjugating of words change their meaning. It might well do that in some languages, when two nouns are joined. But when a preposition is added to a Koine Greek word, sometimes the result might surprise the skeptic. Read this one and see.


  2. Mr. Critic. Had you read the post, or even all of my comment, you would have seen it is a guest post. I had a moral and ethical right to comment, and compliment the writer of it. If you would like to offer an intelligent criticism of the post, we shall be happy to see that you are answered courteously and kindly. We do not respond in kind to childish and immature remarks, nor un-Christlike remarks. We identify our remarks and our self. We never write anonymous remarks because we never write what we are ashamed of. Charles Pledge


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